• The Outdoor Lounge

    The Majestic Swing

  • The Flower Room

    The Flower Room

  • The Elephant garden room

    The Elephant Garden Room

  • The Eye Room

    The Eye Room

  • The Rajasthani Room

    The Rajasthani Room

  • The Classic Room

    The Classic Room

  • The Wheel Of Fortune Lounge

    The Wheel Of Fortune Lounge

  • The Breakfast Hall

    The Breakfast Hall

Inn at Delhi is a Luxury Bed and Breakfast Guest house in New Delhi, India. Delhi Inn is located at a posh South Delhi colony Anand Niketan, New Delhi.

Accomodation Includes

Delhi weather and best time to visit

The capital city of India, Delhi is considered a gateway by most of the travelers who frequent the country on a business or a leisure trip. It is a perfect and one of the most preferred transit destinations by travelers from across the globe and within the country to commute for an onward journey to other parts of the country.

Being located in the plains on the northern half of the country; the city of Delhi witnesses various types of weather conditions at different times during the year. The average local residents of the city are very well aware of the different types of weather conditions during different times of the year, but for people traveling into the city for the first time, it becomes relatively important to know before hand what kind of weather to expect during their visit or what is the best time of the year to plan their visit into the city. This brings us to the all important question of how is Delhi weather and best time to visit the city of Delhi.

Being situated in the plains, the city experiences and undergoes numerous weather changes during the year. Infact, during a longer duration stay in the city one can experience all weather conditions in the city alone. The months from April to June are considered peak summer months, wherein the average temperature goes up to 45 C and sometimes even more. The minimum temperature during the summer months is recorded generally between 25 to 30 C normally. The atmosphere during summer in Delhi is very dry and is primarily influenced by the strong and dry heat waves which travel from the neighboring desert state of Rajasthan. Proper precautions are advised for people who need to head out especially during peak summer afternoon in which one could experience searing heat waves and alarmingly high temperatures.

The months of July to September are considered to rainy months or monsoon season in which the atmosphere is generally very high on humidity levels. The month of October is generally experienced to be relatively a pleasant and dry month with the onset of winter season starting close to the end of the month. The winter season is considered to be the best when it comes to visiting the city. The months of November to February are what are considered ideal for visiting the city especially if one is planning a leisure trip. The average temperature hovers between 2 to 10 C and the pleasant sunshine can be witnessed for most part of the day. Although the night time during winters can be very chilly; the late nights and early morning time zones during the day do experience heavy and thick fog. This fog engulfs the entire city like a blanket and is often the reason of disruption of air and rail transports. One should keep these things in mind and try and keep sufficient time at hand between two flights when transiting from the city during these months.
It is during the winter months that are considered best as per Delhi weather and is the best time to visit the city. One can see beautiful trees and flowers blossoming across the road sides during these months giving the entire city a joyous and a festive look.