• The Outdoor Lounge

    The Majestic Swing

  • The Flower Room

    The Flower Room

  • The Elephant garden room

    The Elephant Garden Room

  • The Eye Room

    The Eye Room

  • The Rajasthani Room

    The Rajasthani Room

  • The Classic Room

    The Classic Room

  • The Wheel Of Fortune Lounge

    The Wheel Of Fortune Lounge

  • The Breakfast Hall

    The Breakfast Hall

Inn at Delhi is a Luxury Bed and Breakfast Guest house in New Delhi, India. Delhi Inn is located at a posh South Delhi colony Anand Niketan, New Delhi.

Accomodation Includes

10 Tips For Safe Delhi Travel

Delhi, the Capital of Incredible India or Atulya Bharat (as known in Hindi) is a must-see place while visiting India. This capital city lies in Northern India, and is spread on the Gangetic plains. Most of the city is located along the western banks of river Yamuna. A typical commercial metro city, Delhi has lots to offer be it tourist spots, shopping, food or culture.

A unique blend of modernization and old traditions, Delhi has a treasure of historical monuments, art galleries, temples, mosques and present day attractions such as shopping complexes, food bazaars and so on. So, if you intend to visit India, plan your first stopover at Delhi. Being the capital city, it is well connected to any country. Once you have savored the essence of rich culture and traditions of Delhi, you can proceed to other destinations in the country through rail, air or road routes well connected from here.

One word of caution here — if you want to enjoy a comfortable and enriching experience, it is advisable to follow a few tips while traveling to Delhi.

1. First things first – any travel starts with bookings. Book your air tickets, Bed and Breakfast stay, and rail/road/air bookings for domestic travel well in advance and get a confirmation slip in return. Either organize the trip yourself, or get a good package from a reliable and well-known travel agent.
Inn at Delhi can help you to book your onward journey from reliable travel agents.

2. Get your airport pickups/drops arranged and confirmed from the BnB staff; you would not want to be stranded at the airport and spoil your holiday.

3. Before visiting any country, familiarize yourself with the people, their culture and tourist places for a nice holiday. Delhi is a unique blend of tradition and modernity to be lived and enjoyed.

4. Get a route map of the areas you visit so as to avoid being taken for a ride when you move out in crowded places or use the public transport system such as buses, metro rail or auto rickshaws.

5. Beware of pickpockets. These guys are so skilled at flicking wallets/chains/watches that you will not notice anything amiss until after a long while. Be proactive; do not give in to any person wanting to guide you around.

6. Refresh your bargaining skills. If you have not had the experience of bargaining or haggling, this is the time. And we promise that you will enjoy it. You will be surprised to find out how cheap a product can be, if you get the bargaining deal right! This is applicable only to local market areas such as Sarojini Nagar and Lajpat Nagar to name a few and not the posh shopping malls.

7. The best time to visit Delhi, India is between September to March as the climate is favourable

8. Maintain your personal health. Keep a stock of your regular medicines, painkillers like paracetamol and so on. Do not eat anything on the roadside, make sure you go in for properly cooked food and packaged mineral water of reputed brands. Double check if the restaurants you visit maintain quality standards.

9. In case you get misguided or lose your way while traveling in the city, look for the nearest Police Control Room (PCR) Van. Approach the police personnel and they will attend to your problems and guide you accordingly. Please ring up 100 for Police Control Room in Delhi.

10. Follow news updates in the newspapers or television channels for a relaxed holiday.

If you need any help, Please ask the Inn at Delhi Staff. We are happy to help. :-)