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Inn at Delhi is a Luxury Bed and Breakfast Guest house in New Delhi, India. Delhi Inn is located at a posh South Delhi colony Anand Niketan, New Delhi.

Accomodation Includes

Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010

The Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 to be held in Delhi, National Capital of Region (NCR) of India will be the 19th edition of the games. To be held in New Delhi between the 3rd and 14th October, 2010; the Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 is being considered as the largest multi sport event to be held in country after the Asian Games which were hosted in the year 1951 & 1982. In the history of the commonwealth games, the Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 will be the second time that the games will be held in the Asian continent. The Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 is by far the most expensive games that have been hosted till date by the host country. These estimates also do not include the cost of infrastructure development and renovation which have been done or are in the process of being done to upgrade the facilities and overall look and feel of the entire city of Delhi.

Transportation development, upgrading of existing infrastructure, beautification of the entire city and provisioning for modern facilities is being done for the whole city as a result of the games, in order to cater to influx of travelers and tourists in large numbers. The Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 is being seen as a major boost for tourism industry in the country and appropriate policy decisions have been taken to spruce up the travel industry by giving major tax rebates which will help to increase the employment opportunities in the travel sector. Alternatively; tourist destinations like Agra, Jaipur, Taj Mahal and Tours to Taj Mahal are also believed to attract spillover of tourist's especially foreign tourists who will come into Delhi for the games.

Athletes from over 71 countries will be competing for top honors in 17 disciplines, which will also see the game of 'Kabaddi' as a demonstration discipline in the current edition. All the competitions in the games will be held in 11 different venues across the city of Delhi with the opening and closing ceremony of the games being slated to happen in the 'Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium' which has a capacity to accommodate approximately 75000 people at any given time. Apart from the opening and closing ceremonies the stadium will also be host to athletics and weightlifting disciplines.

The Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 will be watched the world over by millions of people and will showcase the cultural diversity and uniqueness of the country. There are modern facilities like the state of the art games village which is being made for the athletes and delegates who will come from various countries. The entire city of New Delhi is being upgraded with numerous world class facilities and different help and assistance centres will be setup to guide and assist the travelers or tourists who will come visiting during the games.

Apart from this the successful hosting of Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 will also help in substantiating the claim for hosting future Olympic Games for which the city is aggressively bidding to host.

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