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Inn at Delhi is a Luxury Bed and Breakfast Guest house in New Delhi, India. Delhi Inn is located at a posh South Delhi colony Anand Niketan, New Delhi.

Accomodation Includes

Delhi Airport

Delhi Airports (Domestic & Inter-national) are located approximately 5 mins away from The Inn at Delhi. The Delhi Airport or the Indira Gandhi International Airport as it is otherwise known is the busiest airport of the country as well as the entire sub continent. The Delhi Airport serves as an important link between the country and the rest of the world with all major airlines based at the airport. The Delhi Airport handles close to approximately 20,000 international as well as domestic passengers every single day.

The Delhi Airport is currently undergoing major renovation and new terminal buildings and advanced modern facilities are being incorporated. The operations of the Delhi Airport are now being transferred to a joint venture public private partnership company which also is responsible for the up gradation and renovation work of the Delhi Airport. The airport will be a major transit link for people coming into the city and the country especially during the Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 and all the renovation and infrastructure up gradation is being planned accordingly; keeping in mind influx of people from across the globe from all walks of life.

The Delhi Airport which was built somewhere around the second world war, was initially a base of the Indian Air Force, with commercial operations being run from Safdarjung Airport in Delhi. The commercial operations of the erstwhile Safdarjung Airport were shifted to Palam Airport the name of which was later changed to Indira Gandhi International Airport because of increase in traffic. The Delhi Airport has separate terminals which handles the domestic and international flights. Inn at Delhi is so near the Delhi Airport, that it is referred as a New Delhi Airport Hotel. Apart from this a separate terminal for Hujj pilgrims is also made to control the humungous traffic of people which generally travels during the Hujj festival. Delhi being the capital of the country is also base of lot of political activity with politicians traveling in and out of the city very frequently. To facilitate hassle free movement of VVIP's the Delhi Airport also has a separate technical area which is exclusively used by these VVIP's for traveling.

The Delhi Airport is very well equipped with various facilities and value added services for the travelers who come into the city. One can easily find various assistance and help desks, money exchange counters and other service related facilities like lounges and waiting rooms at the arrival section of the airport. All these help desks like foreign exchange, car rental assistance have been made keeping in mind the travelers who come into the city. Tourists or travelers can also get their travel plans organized and facilitated at these help desks as they take care of entire travel and itinerary planning.

The Delhi Airport is very well connected with the other parts of the city through various means of transport. Infact, with the upcoming Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 in mind, the Delhi Government in partnership with the Delhi Metro is in the process of making an 'Airport Express' line which will have facilities like express check in counters at some its metro stations in order to decrease the traffic load at the main airport terminal building.

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